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Build a sustainable passive business




The purpose of this ebook is to teach you how to build a list, in any niche. But more than that it’s to teach you how to set up long-term income funnels through proven methods revitalized using tools available to you based on web technologies. In short, how to build a sustainable passive business.

Sound like a bunch of hype? It’s not meant to be.

I’ve been in the internet marketing game since 2006 and have been doing it full time, be your own boss since 2009. I’ve learned a lot of lessons. I’ve tried a lot of things. But no matter what I’ve tried a few lessons always shine through and show their importance.

Hard Work. Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but the money ain’t gonna make itself! You have to work your ass off and build something.

Focus. The fox that chases two rabbits comes home hungry. This parable rings true in internet marketing as it does in any other market. Don’t dabble a little here and a little there. If you’re not going to sit down and focus on one thing, you’re probably going to flounder around and never see any real progress or money.



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